Welcome to myUpside!

Hi and welcome to myUpside! Everyone at myUpside is thrilled to bring you a completely new twist on rewards. We’re consumers just like you. We want high quality, value for what we pay, and we want to feel connected to our favorite brands - just like we connect with each other.

We share – it’s who we are. Whether with friends, family, or community - we share the activities, interests, opinions, and passions that define our lifestyle. We realized that our favorite brands are an integral part of that lifestyle. Why not invite our favorite brands to participate in our very own community? In marketing speak it is called a coalition - brands, retailers, and consumers organized for common goal and benefit. Could we create a coalition of brands and retailers who represent and embody the lifestyles which are so important to us? Would it be possible? Yes. myUpside is the first branded coalition rewards program in the world. But why stop there?

My heart has always been touched by the anonymous individuals who would visit the local retailers in our community and pay off the layaway balances so that struggling families could enjoy a bountiful Christmas. We want to bring that same emotional impact and surprise to as many people possible throughout the year. And just like Santa, we want to know what is special to you so that we can literally make your wishes come true. We do this by using data collected from sources that you approve. Most rewards programs make money by selling data – we will never sell your data. You’ve probably heard that before. We have a different perspective. You are a member of our coalition. Our purpose is to protect you and delight you. Selling your data does neither.

You are a member of our coalition. Our purpose is to protect you and delight you.

By using your data and our technology, we can deliver personalized experiences sponsored by your favorite brands. Experiences which involve celebrities and personalities from music, sports, food, and film – some of the things we truly love. Everyone is unique. Every experience is unique. All designed to show you gratitude from your favorite brands and retailers for your purchases, celebrate your achievements, inspire your goals, and amplify your lifestyle. How do we do it? Let’s just say the more we know about you the easier it is for us to make it happen. How often? Well, we must keep a few secrets. And yes, as a reward program we also provide 2% cash back on your purchases.

myUpside is a gigantic undertaking which will put smiles on peoples’ faces all around the world. We are starting with food & beverages and have plans to add sporting, outdoors, apparel, pet, children’s, home, casual restaurant, and more. We can’t do it alone. We are working with many beloved brands and respected retailers to make this happen. We want to work with you too. Let us know the brands and retailers you’d like to see in myUpside. Let us know your ideas for experiences that would blow folks away. When we were all young we viewed the world with imagination and wonder – we want to be a constant reminder of that.

When we were all young we viewed the world with imagination and wonder – we want to be a constant reminder of that.

myUpside rolls out in Illinois and Wisconsin. We’ll have a relatively small but high-quality list of brands initially as we get the program up and running. The list of potential experiences for our members is simply amazing. We are based in Seattle but chose the Midwest as our initial market based on the incredible small and mid-sized retailers who revere their shoppers. We will add more retail locations and brands in the months to follow. For those of you outside our initial rollout, we can’t wait to bring myUpside to you. Please reach out and tell us how we’re doing! Contact us at ideas@myupside.com #ALLUPSIDE

Jeff Sampson, co-founder and CEO
Upside Commerce, Inc.