Discounts Don't Cut It, Millennials Want More

As simultaneously the youngest person in the office and the newest to the company, being an intern has been both exciting and eye opening. My imagination has been stretched, my curiosity sparked and what once was a little far-fetched, seems just short of expected. Not to promise anyone that their wildest dreams will come true, or that mine have, but what is happening here isn’t far off. 

There’s an exciting, mysterious future in store for the users of myUpside. Anyone can wrap their heads around cash back on purchases, but that’s nothing new or exciting, in this case merely a secondary perk. The true benefits are from emotional connections. Taking it to the next level by delivering tailor-made experiences that satisfy your inner child and even dip into the realm of fantasy. This is where it really gets exciting. Being able to see behind the scenes has shown me how it works, but hasn’t given me a full understanding of how it will make people feel. This is for you to discover, because nothing will compare to a truly special experience designed based on your own personal interests.

I don’t want to be just another “consumer,” reflected through my shopping habits. I have interests and hobbies, and to receive a reward in the form of an experience, from one of my favorite brands, that involves my favorite band or sports team, it would make a lasting impression. To me, that would simply be saying “thank you for being who you are,” which is not something I would expect. 

As a 20-something-year-old, I’m part of one of the largest generations yet to come. Which is probably why us millennials have such a desire to be unique, create trends, and veer off the path our parent’s and grandparent’s blazed before us. Due to the convenience of technology, information about anything thinkable is at our fingertips and it makes it easy to settle for nothing less than exactly what we want. We’re spoiled. We go to the best reviewed restaurants thanks to apps like Yelp, we find out about events and celebrities through Facebook and Twitter, and we’re constantly keeping up to date with our friends on Instagram and Snapchat. Thanks to technology we live in a small world, why not make it personal again? That’s what we desire after all, a life full of personal, emotional connections. 

Big companies these days have access to the tools necessary to be as personal as a small business in a community so deeply integrated with technology. After all, the reason these companies are so big and successful is us, the customers, which is why we should accept nothing less than their very best thank you. These are all the brands you already know and love, because going out of your way to shop somewhere you wouldn’t normally, just to get a discount or earn points that may or may not be used, isn’t my idea of spectacular. I would much rather be rewarded with an experience that creates a meaningful memory…and, of course, something I can post pictures of to make my friends jealous! 


Blake Lee
Marketing Intern at Upside Commerce, Inc.