How Would You Feel If...

As people, we don’t appreciate how powerful we are.

We become so accustomed to late nights, groggy mornings, eating whatever we can grab on the way to work or while taking care of the kids.

But it’s not surprising. This is how we grew up -- no one taught us how to shop or eat the right foods. We fall into routines. This is just the way it is.

That is exactly how I felt for years and years until one day when, all of a sudden, I was older. My body stopped doing what it used to. Pizza and wine Fridays turned into pizza, wine, and Tums Fridays. I started asking myself, when did this become okay? When did I stop feeling healthy and happy?

These questions started a personal journey for me. I began asking myself a different question. One burning question that I couldn’t shake:

What would it feel like to be healthy and happy? What if I had better nutrition, better hydration, better sleep… how would it feel?

So I began looking for ways to change my life and what I ate every day. I focused on getting more sleep, getting more exercise, drinking more water. I began to pick up healthy lifestyle brands, trying everything I could. And the more I tried the better I felt.

Each of those times I tried something new and felt better I would think, “How much further can I go, how much better can I feel?” And then it occurred to me --I shouldn’t just be asking myself these questions.

I hate to admit this, but I have to give it to the Millennials. They’re the ones who really established this. They’re the ones want to know who planted their coffee beans and all the ingredients in their lunch. They’re the ones who really began to care about taking the stairs instead of the elevator, biking to work instead of taking the bus.

But this is no longer limited to the Millennial generation. This isn’t just for those fit young people out there. This is a cultural shift. This is an entire movement. Regular people, people you would never imagine, are now saying that they want to be healthy.

They want happiness back in their lives. They just need some help.

That is what myUpside is, a community that empowers members to be healthier and happier while connecting them with purpose-driven brands that meet our high quality standards. We scoured the aisles for healthier products that want to be a part of your life and share your lifestyle.

Members of myUpside are given the tools and encouragement to pursue a better life. We are a healthy lifestyle support system, reminding each other that we are all capable of a better us.

But we didn’t just want to stop there.

With a love of community comes creativity, so myUpside rewards you for your achievements. This ranges from cash and thoughtful gifts to personalized, unforgettable experiences that will motivate you to continue on this journey, and see just how far you can go.

myUpside is here to get you closer to your healthy lifestyle goals. We are here to help inspire you. We are here to help make you an inspiration.

So it’s time to ask yourself one question: If I had better nutrition… better hydration... better sleep… a better direction for where my life ends up next… how would it feel?


Jeff Sampson
CEO and Co-Founder