We’re not like other rewards programs – we’re everywhere life takes you. The first. The only. The original rewards program that combines beloved lifestyle brands and the best local retailers. Enjoy flexibility and freedom in a single program that is constantly growing and pushing boundaries, just like you.

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Cash back is great, but an experience lasts forever. We give you both. This is where the magic carpet ride begins. Our brands go above and beyond to show you their gratitude in creative, authentic ways. From the extravagant, once in a lifetime experience with your favorite celebrity to the unique, thoughtful, local event, we create powerful, shareable moments and memories for you.



There’s no one like you. Your favorite musicians. Your favorite sports teams and players. Your favorite chefs and celebrities. Your hobbies. Your favorite brands. They are the passions that define your life. We don’t take personalization lightly. You do you and myUpside will celebrate everything that makes you special.