Our partners are so important and we accomplish a lot together. LET US HELP YOU Connect more deeply with your current customers AND ATTRACT NEW ONES.

Fierce retail competition is at a crossroads

8,640 stores to close in 2017; 51% of purchases online in 2016; 2,000 Amazon Go stores planned

Brand loyalty is at an all-time low

Consumers wouldn’t care if 74% of the brands they use just disappeared

Discounts address the symptom, not the cause

Where prior generations have been trained on discounts, Millennials prefer unique experiences


What myUpside does for you

Coalition Program

Modeled after successful programs outside of the USA but features (and funded by) lifestyle brands in 15 categories and key retail partners

Share Data

88% of Millennials will share personal data in exchange for transparency and benefits. We don’t sell data – we share data with coalition partners

Delight Consumers

With experiences that attract the most important consumer segments and creates advocates through emotional connection

First to Market

We are the first brand-driven coalition in the world

Experience Focused

All others are focused on a “race to the bottom” through discounting tools

Actionable Data

Get better data faster from a single source for a constantly relevant view of your consumers

Ease of Use

For both consumers and our coalition partners

Contextual Personalization

As the leader in personalization, we enable you to delight your consumers

Competitive advantage

myUpside Mobile

Use myUpside as your primary rewards program; create value instantly with no cash reserve liability

Existing + myUpside

Extend the capabilities of your existing program to reach digitally engaged Millennials and shoppers

Coalition Data

Regardless of whether you have an existing program, access invaluable data for free

better data. free.

Creating a standalone rewards program is expensive and lacks the network effect of a coalition. Nor do Millennials want 99 reward cards

Create deep emotional connections to Millennials by participating in their lifestyles and activities through data-driven experiences

Shifting budget out of expensive and ineffective trade promotions to myUpside increases both top AND bottom line

Increase frequency of purchase and advocacy – limit discounting

Brand Partner benefits

retailer partner benefits

cross-coalition Data

Extend your intelligence outside of your stores and improve look-alike targeting by connecting to consumers, their lifestyles and where they shop

Increase Frequency & Basket Size

Brand partners in the Coalition direct myUpside members to your stores in order to earn points and experiences

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